Smeg CMS45X Review

We take a look at the stylish Smeg CMS45X built-in coffee machine that is a stylish choice for any modern kitchen.

Smeg CMS45X

Smeg CMS45X Review

For coffee lovers, preparing coffee at home could be real fun if the right equipment is at hand. Any machine that minimizes human efforts and consumes minimum time for processing of the food/beverage is what a buyer looks for. Keeping that love for a coffee machine in mind, Smeg has designed a product, Smeg CMS45X, that can deliver nearly the best to you with a mere one time investment of approximately 1500 USD. Smeg CMS45X 60 cm Classic Automatic Frameless Coffee Machine was first launched in December 2014 and is available for purchase on all popular shopping websites.


Made of stainless steel and Smeg CMS45X largely appears steel and black in colour as well. It has a built-in display and flashes details on a LCD display screen at the front. This product has a compact size and can fit into all sizes of kitchens. Smeg CMS45X can easily be placed in an open kitchen to maintain the aesthetic value. The height of this machine is also medium.


This coffee maker specialises in cappuccino. It uses steam function for the blend. It is has a hot water function for preparing hot tea or other beverages, in addition to coffee. Smeg CMS45X also has a display that can interact in different languages to match the needs of persons from different nationalities.

To meet the requirement of coffee lovers having varied choices, Smeg CMS45X offers coffee strength of 5 different levels—from light to strongest. The water quantity can also be varied depending upon the requirement.

The machine automatically rinses its processing areas before every use. For those who do not prefer very hot coffee, the temperature of the coffee can also be customised for immediate serving. The temperature of coffee can be controlled using the temperature changer option.

For coping with the risks overheating and related damages, Smeg CMS45X also features a fan cooling system. The frothing nozzle adds authenticity to the cappuccino by giving it a real look and taste. With the Smeg CMS45X, you can also adjust the quantity of coffee dispensed. This can be done to match the size of the mug. It also had two indicative lights,


Water tank capacity: 1.80 litre
Coffee bean container’s capacity: 220g

The in-built pump of the machine has 15 bar capacity

Power consumption: 1350 W
Width: 595mm
Depth: 361mm
Height: 455mm


It can prepare up to two cups of coffee in one go. In past ten months since its launch, the fully automatic product has made a considerable sale across the US and European countries.

Smeg CMS45X has the capacity to fill your kitchen with the authentic fragrance of the barista coffee by beating the coffee beans in the finest manner and presenting a pleasing blend with froth at the top of the coffee mug.

The only limitation this machine has it the volume of coffee prepared in one go. Smeg CMS45X , can at best, prepare only double or two cups of coffee. So, for a gathering of more than two persons, you need to get everything ready around you quickly prepare higher number of coffee cups and present them together.

The speed of the coffee prepared and dispended can make up for this limitation of lesser output at a time. Another advantage of using this machine is that it automatically turns the power on and off. This feature prevents undue blockage of coffee and accumulation of the excess flow.

The added accessories in Smeg CMS45X include a chrome shelf and stainless steel tray which are not to commonly find accessories in coffee machines.

As Smeg CMS45X draws only 1350 W of power per use, it can easily run on an average power back up metre even when full power supply is not available. It can even be carried along for picnics prepare coffee as it can be compatible with a portable generator.

Bottom Line

Before choosing a coffee maker, it is imperative for you to understand your real requirements. While affordability is another key factor, such products like a coffee maker should seek minimum investment and maximum longevity. Hence, choosing a well known brand and reading an overview as well as review of the product is very important. Apart from the limitation of dispensing only two cups of coffee in one go, Smeg CMS45X will largely leave you impressed with its performance.

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