CDA VC800SS Coffee Machine Review

We take a look at and review the CDA VC800SS Coffee Machine looking at what you get, key features and how it performs.

CDA VC800SS Coffee Machine Review

CDA VC800SS Coffee Machine

The CDA VC800SS Fully Automatic Electronic Built-in Coffee Machine is a small appliance, suitable for home use, available from Appliances Direct and other kitchen appliance stores.


  • Electronic programmer with LCD display
  • 3 Coffee settings
  • Hot water and steam function
  • Suitable for one or two cups
  • Integral water tank: 1.8 L


This stainless steel coffee machine has a sleek, flat, trendy-looking front panel with electronic touch buttons above a recess in which twin dispensing outlets can fill one cup or two. It’s designed to fit into a niche in a wall space that allows air to circulate up from below and out above the machine. While the niche storage idea can make the CDA VC800SS Coffee Machine look as if it were built into the wall, it opens from the top and needs to be pulled out for filling and maintenance. It’s been described, along with other CDA products, as “eye-catching at kitchen appliance shows.”

The CDA VC800SS Coffee Machine can be adjusted for thirteen grind settings (and it comes with an integrated coffee grinder), three coffee strength settings, and different size cups–filled one or two at a time. People have reposted the cool company video showing how to position one mug under both of the dispensing tubes or one under each. The Coffee Machine works with either pre-ground coffee or whole coffee beans, but not caramelized, candy-coated, or coffee-flavored candy “beans.”

An electronic LCD display tells people what’s brewing and reminds them to add water or coffee. The VC800SS Coffee Machine holds 1.8 liters of water and 0.2 kilograms of coffee at a time.The electronic touch panel has a black background. The display lights up in red, with a white light when the coffee machine is in use.

The VC800SS Coffee Machine dispenses plain water or steam, and is programmed to regulate the water and coffee temperatures as specified by users. It whips milk to a froth and dispenses the foam by dollops for latte and cappuccino. It has a steam nozzle and a removable drip tray. If patrons of fashionable coffee bars are willing to drink their coffee at home, the VC800SS Coffee Machine should keep them amused for hours. It works with all kinds of (unsugared) coffee beans, grinds, and mixes, and encourages experiments with espresso and Arabica and mocha and java and chai and cinnamon and so on and so forth…as long as sweetening agents are stirred in after brewing.

A user manual should arrive with the product and can also be downloaded from the company’s web site. In Britain, at least, CDA will remove and recycle the customer’s old coffee machine for an extra 14.95 pounds.


Height: 45.5 centimeters, about 20 inches
Width: 59.5 centimeters, about 2 feet
Depth: 40.1 centimeters, about 16 inches
Shipping weight: 60 kilograms, according to; about 132 pound

Rated power: 1.35 kw
Power supply: 13 A
Plug: UK
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Water tank size: 1.8 Litres
Warranty: 5 years for parts, 2 years for labor


British users give this coffee machine four out of five stars. Those who know the company like and trust it; 93% say they would buy CDA products again. Such a low incidence of low ratings suggests the inevitable handful of customers who give a product a low rating because they wanted a different product altogether, because the first one they received was damaged in shipping and they didn’t want to try another one, or because they did not read the instructions before using the product in some peculiar way. (CDA warns, for example, that the VC800SS Coffee Machine should not be immersed in water or used with caramelized coffee beans.)

However, some customers also down-rated the CDA VC800SS Coffee Machine in comparison with a competing European coffee machine. The European coffee machine in question is not sold in the U.S. but can be viewed for purposes of comparison at

According to, CDA’s customer service is “pretty good on the whole” and replacement parts are easy to find. Parts seem to be outsourced from “Europe, mostly Italy, and China.” Any attempt at self-service maintenance is likely to void the warranty.

Though based in Nottinghamshire, CDA is a fairly new company and is still described as “not widely known” even in England, cast as the challenger against a company that’s apparently hated by many U.S. shoppers. Although this background is unlikely to hurt CDA sales, it may presage problems that can be averted by advance preparation.

Bottom Line

People who want a state-of-the-art, even futuristic, coffee machine in their homes (or waiting rooms, bookstores, etc.) are likely to enjoy the CDA VC800SS.

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