Integrated Coffee Machines Reviews & Guides

We review the best Integrated Coffee Machines on the market from popular brands including SMEG, Whirlpool and NEFF.

Coffee Machine Reviews for 2018

We checkout and review some of the top Built-in and integrated coffee machines from popular brands such as SMEG, NEF and Whirlpool.


A Coffee machine is one of the most important kitchen appliances especially if you are a coffee enthusiast.

Purchasing a coffee machine of good quality is an assurance that your morning is complemented with a hot, and nice cup of coffee. This is possible only if you consider some key factors alongside cost before buying any coffee maker.

The first step in deciding which one to choose is identifying the type you want, which depends solely on the drink type you are going to prepare. Here, your decision is based on whether you want a specialty drink or the traditional drink. People who enjoy the weaker coffee taste probably prefer the standard coffee machine. Advanced models come with desirable features for example pause and pour functions allowing one to interrupt the process of brewing. Timers allow the machine to be programmed such that the brewing starts early in the morning before you even wake up. These are useful features that you need to check alongside cost before having one of your own.

Grinding capacity is also one of the key factors you should consider. Though most, if not all integrated coffee machines come with built-in grinder, a higher capacity grinder is desirable regardless of the type you go for. Built-in grinders are the most convenient especially if after grinding the ground coffee is put into the basket.

Automatic or manual? What matters a lot is the amount of effort you wish to be putting in the cup of coffee. Automatic machines prepare coffee fully while semi-automatic ones may need your support for example when adding milk or sugar to suit your taste. Note that the price differs in these two machines but this can be worked out accordingly.

Cleaning and maintenance should also be considered. Like any other machine, an integrated coffee machine needs to be cleaned and maintained properly. The pressure wands and rubber seals need to be prevented from clogging due to presence of any residue and this is possible if you wipe and clean the machine regularly. Thankfully, coffee machines whose cleaning and descaling system is in-built make things easier.

Another important factor is durability. Before purchasing an integrated coffee machine, you should be aware of how much it can handle and for how long. A good one should obviously be capable of working all day without any instance of malfunctioning. Some machines may overheat or break when used all day and thus one needs to consider how busy the equipment is going to be. The amount of water and coffee beans the machine can hold should also be considered. This is important if your aim is to be making a certain number of cups per brewing session. If you want to brew more, then go for a higher capacity coffee maker.

An integrated coffee machine should also be checked against its digital features. A good one is accompanied by a digital display panel that is attached with timer plus auto off mechanism. This is very beneficial since you can attend to other things while preparing your coffee. Additionally, with this feature you don’t have to wait for brewing of your pot of coffee to be finished, or swap out the pot and your cup (causing spilling everywhere). Instead, the valve on the machine is closed automatically when the pot is removed so that you can pour a cup of coffee before resuming the brew.

A superior quality coffee machine should have an effective water filtering equipment. This ensures that the coffee won’t have a bad flavor resulting from excess iron or any other unwanted water content.

In addition, integrated coffee machines exist in different models. Before buying one, check how well its construction is, how easy its use is and whether the pot is a simple glass or reinforced. The reinforced coffee pots are the best because they keep your coffee fresh and hot for much longer, just like a thermos.

In this hectic life, an integrated coffee machine is considered a perfect solution for both commercial and household creation of the renowned beverage. No matter which brand you choose to buy for your coffee machine, ensure it can fulfil your own needs. In particular, buy the one with latest features so that you can enjoy coffee with the finest flavors and in no time.